Will Junior NTR fall in Chandra Babu's trap?


TDP supremo Chandra Babu is a master strategist and known to take neutral stand on contentious issues. In 2009 elections he used Young Tiger NTR for election campaigning. However he lost the elections by slender margin as anti incumbency vote against YS.Rajasekhar Reddy got divided between opposition parties with the entry of Mega Star Chiranjeevi with Praja Rajyam party. 


However Chandra Babu felt that NTR's charisma failed and checkmated him with the intention so that he willnot be a stumbling block when he elevates his son Lokesh in the party. Analysts however say in the current situation it is better for the party and Chandra Babu to patch up with NTR.

TDP is in dire state in Telangana and no one is keen to lead the party. Even Lokesh failed miserably in the GHMC elections.Analysts feel it will be helpful if NTR is made party incharge in Telangana. This will act as double edged weapon.

If NTR succeeds it will be plus for Chandra Babu and if he fails entire blame fall on NTR. It is better for Chandra Babu to make Lokesh AP incharge and NTR T incharge. The question is will NTR fall into Chandra Babu's trap.

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