"War between India, Pakistan will Only lead to sufferings" says Amarinder Singh


Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh on Monday said a war between India and Pakistan will only lead to sufferings, particularly among those living in the border areas. "It is the people in the border areas who suffer the worst during armed hostilities," he said in an informal interaction with reporters. He said, that is why, he had insisted on "limited retaliation" against the terror attack on an Army camp in Uri of Jammu and Kashmir. He also said it was up to the Army and the Central government to decide the course of action and retaliation.


Singh had demanded on Saturday that India must go for "limited retaliatory action" against Pakistan for "abetting" and "sponsoring" the terror attack in Uri. However, he reiterated that the terror attacks like those in Uri need to be dealt with "iron fist" to teach the perpetrators a lesson.n The senior Congress leader also said that the countdown for the exit of the Akalis from the government had already begun and it was just a matter of few months more for them, as they will not be able to even come out of their homes for campaigning.


"Take it from me, the Badals and the Majithia's will be reduced and restricted just to the social media and they will campaign on the Facebook and WhatsApp only as people will not allow them to come out of their secure environments", he said.

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