Trupti Desai attacked in Nashik in Panchavati area


Hours after Bhumata Brigade activists unsuccessfully tried to take darshan from the sanctum of Shri Kapaleshwar Temple, they were allegedly attacked and injured by 35 to 40 persons in Panchavati area at 11.30 pm on Thursday.Bhumata president Trupti Desai fell unconscious and all activists were hurt as the attackers stoned their vehicle causing injuries to the occupants. Ms Desai alleged that it was a planned attack as the Gaurav and Brahmin community were plotting to kill her.


“About 25 to 30 block-sized stones were hurled at our vehicles by some 35 to 40 bike-borne attackers. They also had acid, petrol bottles and sticks with them. I was unconscious for an hour and all activists were injured,” Ms Desai told this paper.Ms Desai took treatment and a check-up at Sai Hospital in Sinnar tehsil town of Nashik district from where she decided to return.On Thursday morning, Bhumata activists were unable to take darshan from the sanctum of Shri Kapaleshwar Temple as it had been filled up with mangoes and flowers.


A crowd of people and media were waiting expectantly near Ramkund. The Shri Kapaleshwar Temple is located opposite it on a small hillock. Ms Desai arrived early afternoon and climbed the temple steps. Some persons in the crowd began chanting anti-Desai slogans as she entered the temple. The sloganeering grew louder when Ms Desai and others returned.


A commotion was visible as the crowd surged closer to Ms Desai, who was completely cordoned by the police. To avoid a fracas, the police appealed to those shouting slogans to move away. When their appeal failed, the police pushed them away. Some who refused to heed the police even got a few lathi blows before they vanished. Ms Desai said she would take darshan even if it meant she would have to return. “We feel the police were duplicitous in the manner in which they dealt with the issue. We will demand the transfer of police officers,” she said.


Ms Desai and her activists who left for Pune late Thursday afternoon, reportedly tried to return from Sinnar late night, but could not proceed further as they were attacked. DCP Shrikant Dhivare said Ms Desai had returned to Pune and the police had not detained her.Earlier, during her last visit to Shri Kapaleshwar Temple on May 19 for a meeting with the trustees, angry devotees had created a ruckus and even stoned the Kapaleshwar Temple Trust office, breaking its signboard.

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