TRS and TDP are worried as Prof. Kodandaram and M. Padmanabam to start mass public movement


TRS which came to power in Telangana with thumping majority and TDP in Andhra did not have any strong opposition during the past two year but now both the States are facing public movements. After Prof. Kodandaram stood against the Govt., it seems that TRS Govt. is afraid of another movement.


In the same manner, Kapu Movement in A.P. started by M. Padmanabham is worrying Govt. of A.P. The way TRS Govt. reacted on the questions raised by Prof. Kodandaram reveals that Govt. is afraid of TJAC more than any other political party. Prof. Kodamdaram who was very active during Telangana Movement was a silent spectator during the past two years. Now that Telangana celebrated second year of its rule, Prof. Kodandaram started raising questions on the announcements the Govt. made and its failure to implement the promises after which the Ministers of TRS Govt. started retaliating.


In Telangana agitation TRS had given the command to Prof. Jai Shanker and Prof. Kodandaram Reddy to keep the students active in the movement. After resuming power, though the Govt. is working but not to the expectations of the people especially Students who are waiting for the Job Notifications. Opposition parties criticized the Govt. on several occasions but Govt. did not react and moreover KCR supressing the Opposition parties through 'Operation Akarsh' . Most of the Opposition leaders join TRS and KCR is riding on high note. 


Govt. remained silent but as soon as Prof. Kodandaram Reddy opened his mouth, the entire cabinet reacted against him which gives and impression that Prof. Kodandaram has a separate strength of its own and he has the potential to start movement once again to challenge the Govt. Despite all the efforts to weaken the opposition, the statement of Prof. Kodandaram Reddy is worrying the Govt.


Same scenerio in Andhra


In the same manner, after assuming power with majority, TDP started making efforts to weaken the opposition. TDP Govt. has no danger with the opposition but the demand for Kapu reservation raised by M. Padmanabham has increased the worries of TDP Govt. in A.P. Mr. Padmanabham is gaining mass popularity very rapidly which could be painful for the Govt. The Governments in A.P. and Telangana were functioning neglecting the public demands but the mass movements which are likely to be started in both the States by the above two leaders can create difficulties for the Governments.


By seeing the intensity of Kapu movement in A.P. it seems that it will cast its effect on TDP Govt. The mass support which Padmanabham is getting for Kapu movement is disturbing the A.P. Govt. TDP Govt. is making an attempt to end this movement without any violence. With the attitude adopted by both the Governments, opposition parties have associated with these movements. They are claiming that this situation has arisen due to the non existence of a strong opposition. In Telangana State, Prof. Kodandaram enjoys unconditional support from all sections of the people. In Andhra, Mr. Padmanabham is also getting the same kind of unconditional support from the students community.

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