To day PM Narendra Modi to lay foundation stone for Ambedkar memorial


Prime Minister  Modi on Monday laid the foundation stone of a state of the art memorial of Doctor B R Ambedkar in New Delhi, which would mainly house his relics and cover all important aspects of his life and work.

An Ambedkar International Centre on Janpath, whose foundation stone of which was laid in May last year, is also being constructed by the government.

The Prime Minister delivered the Ambedkar Memorial lecture and inaugurate a web portal featuring the Dalit icon’s complete works in multiple languages.

This is the sixth memorial lecture to be held in memory of the founding father of the Indian constitution and it is also a part of the programmes organised to commemorate his 125th birth anniversary year.


Here are the highlights of his speech:

#I am the first PM to speak at the Ambedkar National Memorial, honoured to share thoughts on BR Ambedkar

# Babasaheb was the voice of the marginalised. He is a Vishwa Manav. Only talking about him with respect to India is injustice to him

# Big mistake to label Ambedkar as Messiah only of Dalits

# Ambedkar was no less than Martin Luther King who fought for the oppressed

# Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, through his political wisdom, created a united Bharat Mata. The way Sardar Patel worked for Political integration, Baba Saheb Ambedkar worked for social integration.

#Ambedkar, through constitutional means, worked for social equality and unity in India

#Why was it that Ambedkar had to resign from the ministry? This part of history is either forgotten or diluted? When issue of equal rights to women came up, Babasaheb was clear that if women don’t get equal rights I cant be a part of the ministry.

#If there is a central foundation for labour laws in India, that foundation is because of Ambedkar

#There is a bill on waterways in Parliament but let me tell you this vision is of Dr. Ambedkar’s.He believed in India’s maritime strength

#Dr. Ambedkar told society one thing- to get educated. It is like the inner power and he showed the way in that regard

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