SC, ST, OBC Confederation holds counter rally favouring reservation system


The All India Confederation of SC/ST/OBC Organisations (J and K) and its allied social organisations from all over the State assembled in a symbolic counter rally at Press Club Jammu to counter the misinformation spread by the so called intellectuals of general category people. This counter rally was aimed at asking the people to remain ready for fight to save reservation in its current form.


The President of the Confederation, J and K Chapter, R.K Kalsotra said that current system of reservation was provided for uplift of those classes who have been decimated against for centuries. He further said that now that the effect of reservation has started showing results in so far as the same is resulting in uplift of these categories to some extent, these sections apprehending losing their hold over these deprived classes and to perpetuate their hegemony continuing since centuries, not wishing that everybody should get a fair chance of education and opportunity of employment, are now raising voice against the current system of reservation to attempt changing the system to suit themselves.


He expressed his surprise at the strange stance of these sections who wish to eliminate reservation provided by the legislature to people considering their factual, social, educational and economic backgrounds. He further added that this system of reservation includes people from every walk of society and they, by challenging present system in its current form, are creating trouble for their own communities who enjoy reservation in the form of RBA/OSC/ALC/HC/CDP etc.


Brij Mehra, General Secretary of Kashyap Jagriti Manch, Zulfikar Chowdhary, Student Leader, Jagdish Pehlwan, President Mazdoor Dastkar Union, Ashok Kumar, Chariman, Dalit Liberation Front, Anwar Chowdhary General Secretary of Gujjar Bakerwal Conference and Roshan Choudhary, Chairman Lord Buddha Club also spoke on the occasion.


The rally comprising hundreds of participants was stopped by police which had installed barricades all over the area but even that could not dampen their spirit.

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