Rohith Pretended pass : Smriti Irani is in controversy’s


The Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula suicide in Hyderabad earlier too has put the BJP in a tight spot with Irani leading a spirited but factually incorrect defence of her ministry.


Smriti Irani contradicted opposition’s allegations over putting pressure on the University of Hyderabad’s administration to take action against Rohith for allegedly assaulting a student affiliated to ABVP. On Friday, Rohith’s mother and brother accused Irani of spreading blatant lies. Rohith’s mother also recalled Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comment that he regretted the loss of her son and added BJP’s ministers were now calling the Dalit scholar anti-national. 


In the Hyderabad university case, Irani claimed that doctors were not allowed to examine Rohith Vemula and revive him after he hanged himself in his hostel room. Irani’s claim inside Parliament was rejected by a doctor of the university who insisted that she had examined Rohith within minutes of being informed and declared him dead.


They rubbished her claim that a Dalit professor was among the members of the university’s body that suspended Vemula.


Smriti got so carried away by emotion that she promised to offer her head to Mayawati if the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader was not satisfied with her answer on the Hyderabad university row. Mayawati turned the tables on her on Friday saying the minister should keep her promise as she was not satisfied with the government’s response.


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