Revanth supports the farmers for Mallannasagar oustees


“I am giving the KCR government a 15-day deadline to decide how it is going to do justice to farmers losing their land under the Mallannasagar project in Medak district. If the government failed to take a decision, we will storm the Chief Minister’s farm house at Errravalli.  The first lathi will be faced by me and V Pratap Reddy, who will lead the agitation,” declared TDP working president Revanth Reddy to a huge applause from a packed crowd in Etigadda Kistapur village on Saturday, as he started his 48-hour deeksha, in support of the farmers fighting to save their lands from submergence.           

The TDP leader challenged the TRS leadership, irrigation officials and revenue officials to have a debate in Etigadda Kishtapur with him and intellectuals on the pros and cons of the GO 123 and Land Acquisition Act of 2013.  He said gram sabhas should be held in all the affected villages and allow village committees to pass their own resolutions in support of or against the proposed project.


Land acquisition should be taken up only when 70 per cent of the affected people agree to the project, he said, adding that sub-registrar value couldn’t be considered as the market value as per the Act. He demanded that four times the market value in case of dalits and three times the market value in case of other sections needed to be paid to farmers as compensation. Revanth also stated that 2 acres of land needed to be given to each family under the project ayacut, Rs 50,000 for resettlement in case of people who depend on various rural caste-based professions and for farm labourers. 


He demanded that each family needed to be paid Rs 2,000 per month for 20 years to settle down, according to the Act and that the land needed to be given back to farmers if the project was not completed within four years of acquiring land.

He called upon the Telangana Vidyavanthula Vedika, Madiga Dandora, Thudum Debba, human rights activists and intellectuals to take part in the agitation save the people affected under the Mallannasagar movement.

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