"Pakistan is not a HELL, it is good country" says Congress MP Divya Spandana


Congress MP Divya Spandana has made some weird remarks praising Pakistan and now that has landed her in trouble.  She has said, "Pakistan is not a HELL, it is good country." This comments has been criticized by several leaders of BJP Government. Ramya who met media said, "I recently went to Pakistan tour. It is not a Hell as portrayed. It is a good country. I don't know why Minister Manoj Parekar made such comments. The people of Pakistan are so lovely and Kind to me."

This comments from Ramya has been criticized badly by BJP leaders. Kananda actor Jaggesh said, "Let Ramya and Congress leader Sonia Gandhi settle in Pakistan. It is sad to see Ramya who is an MP makes such comments. Her patriotism is evident from her words. She indirectly supports Pakistan through this. She must apologize for her comments". 

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