Our nukes can wipe out entire Pak in 5 minutes, India retaliates against AQ Khan


After Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan warned that his country could target the capital of India in five minutes on Saturday, India retaliated, saying it can wipe out entire Pakistan in that much time.


It was said that given the range of nuclear missiles that India possesses, no place of Pakistan is far enough. While Pakistan's second-largest city Lahore is just 21 kilometres from the Wagah border, its capital Islamabad is around 374 kilometres. Other Pakistani cities like Multan, Quetta, Peshawar, Karachi and Rawalpindi are also not very far which means India might not even need a long-range missile to target them.    


Speaking to a Hindi daily, former Indian Army chief NC Vij said India is capable of targeting the whole of Pakistan and not just its capital. He also said that though a nuclear missile from Pakistan would take five minutes to India, but the mechanism to withdraw the ceasefire-related monitoring would take around six hours which means India will get the required time to retaliate. He also said India's missile defence system will help it thwart the enemy's nuclear missile. Sources in Indian Navy said what Khan said was only to score some brownie points. They said the Pakistani scientist knows very well what would be the consequences if his country chooses to commit such an act.


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