Modi’s foreign tours were more fruitful : BJP President Amit Shah


BJP national president Amit Shah took a dig at the critics of the Prime Minister’s foreign trips, especially the Congress, saying that Modi’s foreign tours were comparatively fewer than former PM Manmohan Singh’s but more fruitful. He claimed that the NDA government, under Modi, has put the country’s economy back on track and this has led to the highest-ever growth rate, beating even China, and record FDI inflows into the country.


“Congress leaders like Kamalnath say Narendra Bhai goes on foreign trips quite frequently. Yes, but its less than Manmohan Singh’s trips. I know why you feel it. Manmohan Singh went abroad carrying a two-page written speech. Unfortunately, he delivered speech meant for Thailand in Malaysia and vice versa,” Shah said. He said, “Soniaji, we gave a talking PM. You gave a PM who didn’t speak, except to you and your son. We gave a government without scams, no allegation of corruption. You ruled for 10 years and are involved in a `12 lakh-crore scam... you looted the treasury.”


He added, “When Mauni Baba visited countries, none noticed it. Only Soniaji and Rahul Baba could hear him. But when Modiji visits Bhutan, Nepal, China, Germany, Japan, England, US, thousands welcome him. When Modiji got thunderous applause in US Congress, it’s not him, but the people of India who were welcomed.” He was addressing a public meeting at Suryapet in Nalgonda district on Friday.

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