Modi government not allowing Oppn to speak in House: Mamata


The cashless have now become faceless, says Mamata Banerjee. In keeping with her strident anti-Centre stance over demonetisation, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today alleged that the Modi government was not allowing opposition parties to speak on the issue in Parliament, describing it as "most unfortunate".


"This is most unfortunate. The opposition parties wanted to speak on demonetisation and run the House. Why did the government not allow the opposition to speak? This means the cat is out of the bag. The cashless have now become faceless," she said in a statement. The Trinamool Congress supremo's latest salvo came a day after she demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's resignation on the ground that the note withdrawal had led to an "economic disaster" in the country and he had "no moral right" to continue. Alleging that the country's growth and business have been hit due to demonetisation, she had said the Prime Minister "doesn't trust" anyone and he "doesn't understand" what is good for the country.


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