Like all Indians, I am also pained about the recent incidents in J&K: Narendra modi


“When we talk about Jammu and Kashmir, we should talk about all four parts of the state — Jammu, Kashmir valley, Ladakh and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK),” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at an all-party meeting convened by the Centre here Friday to discuss the issue of Kashmir unrest. Excerpts from the PM’s speech: “Pakistan forgets that it rains bombs from fighter planes on citizens of its country. Time has now come that Pakistan will have to answer to the world about the atrocities being committed on people in Balochistan as well as PoK.”

The root of unrest in Kashmir is cross-border terrorism, which gets support mainly from the neighbouring country. Over 34,000 AK-47 rifles, over 5,000 grenade launchers have been recovered (over the years) and over 5,000 mercenaries, equal to five battalions, killed. Let Pakistan tell lakhs of lies, the world will not accept its false propaganda after all this.


While we are ready to resolve complaints of all sections within the parameters of Indian constitution, there cannot be any compromise with territorial integrity of India…. Maintaining law and order is the responsibility of every government. There will be no compromise with the acts of terror. India will fight terror with full strength and commitment. India is committed to rule of law and considering this as our weakness will be the great error by our opponents.


India is committed to root out terrorism. While violence, terrorism, and other anti-India activities will be dealt with sternly, genuine complaints of every person will be heard. J&K a symbol of nationalism Jammu and Kashmir is not only an issue of our territorial integrity but it also defines our nationalism. Pained over incidents Like all Indians, I am also pained about the recent incidents in J&K. Whoever is killed or injured-whether civilian or security personnel — everybody feels the pain…. I feel pained that kids are not being able to continue with their studies…shopkeepers are not being able to earn. The poor get most affected during such scenario.”


We cannot deny the realities that security forces have undergone all kinds of suffering. Even planned attacks have happened against them and despite all this they have shown utmost patience and control. Statistics tell that security personnel have been injured in large numbers. Our governments and security forces have displayed patience in handling these incidents. Kashmiri Pandits One reality is also that Kashmiri Pandits, who have been living in the Valley for centuries, have been displaced from houses belonging to their forefathers. Such excesses were committed against members of a particular community by terrorists trained and armed by Pakistan and those sympathising with them. This cannot be the work of those who believe in Kashmiriyat.

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