Less cash to cashless, India will march on: Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday turned educator, teaching a mammoth crowd in Kushinagar, largely consisting of rural masses from eastern UP, how easy it was to do the cashless transaction through smartphone apps to minimise the scope for black money and corruption. It was as easy as sending a WhatsApp message, he said. Addressing a parivartan maharally in the land of Buddha’s parinirvana, the PM sought 50 days’ time and peoples’ support in ridding the country of black money through demonetisation. 


He exhorted the educated sections of the society, especially the youth, to teach people the use of apps on smartphones to encourage transactions without currency notes.


With cash cleanup, Modi the FMPP expands his brand into unexplored markets. Saying that the country was ready for the much-needed change, the Prime Minister reiterated his government’s resolve to root out corruption completely. “I knew it was a difficult decision. I was aware of the hardships you all will go through but could take such a step just because of your unflinching support,” he told the audience, adding “We are late. Other countries had embarked up on this road much earlier. Now time is here to act and wipe out corruption from the country once and for all.”


Attacking the opposition for its stand over demonetisation, the Prime Minister said: “We’re talking about stopping black money and corruption, they (Opposition) are talking about stopping the country. Is it logical?” he asked the gathering, which replied with a resound ‘No’.


Targeting the Samajwadi Party government in UP, Modi accused it of ignoring the farmers of the state. “If they have resolved their internal feud, now they should pay some attention to the issues plaguing the farming community. I don’t think this UP  government will be able to do any work. They’re not even interested in this,” he observed.


“I want to tell the state government that if they have time and are concerned about the farmers of the state, implement the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana tp protect their crop against natural and other calamities,” said the Prime Minister. 


Earlier, starting his speech in Bhojpuri, the Prime Minister reiterated his conviction to serve all the sections of society, including poor, deprived and downtrodden.  “My government is committed to serve you. I am your servant and determined to bring about conspicuous improvement in your life,” said the PM at the rally attended  by top party leaders, including Union Minister Kalraj Mishra, MPs Yogi Adityanath and Rajesh Pandey along with Reeta Bahuhuna Joshi the senior member and local MLA Swami Prasad Maurya. BJP state in-charge Om Mathur and  state chief Keshav Maurya were also present.


Modi said that he owed a lot to Uttar Pradesh. “I am grateful to the people of UP. They  strengthened my hands by sending me and my party men to Parliament with an overwhelming support. I am here to solve all your problems,” he adding “development of UP can’t be done without the progress of eastern UP.”


Asking the state government to implement all the development scheme with due honesty and resolve, the Prime Minister said that the Centre was ready to bear all the expenses on the development but the state government too would have to come forward for execution.

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