Lack of CBSE schools in Amaravati worries staff


The lack of CBSE schools in the Amaravati capital region is troubling state government employees who are looking for good schools for their children when they shift with their families from Hyderabad. Posted to the temporary secretariat at Velagapudi, the employees are worried as there are no schools teaching the CBSE syllabus in the local area.


There are several schools with CBSE syllabus in Guntur and Vijayawada. The problem is that the rents in the cities are very high. Besides, the cities are located at a distance from the temporary capital. Some secretariat emp-loyees from Hyderabad came to the Amaravati capital region on Sunday to inquire about  availability of schools with CBSE and state syllabus schools, rented houses and other facilities.


Teams of employees are scouting the Amaravati  capital region, Guntur and Vijayawada for rented houses and availability of the good schools and colleges. The state government has decided to shift all the Secretariat employees by June 27 to the temporary secretariat at Velagapudi from Hyderabad. According to the reports nearly 21,000 employees would shift to Velagapudi by the end of next month.


There are only a dozen CBSE schools, including Kendriya Vidyalayas, located in Guntur city. Another dozen schools that follow the CBSE syllabus are situated in Vijayawada. Employees who want CBSE education for their children should stay in Guntur or Vijayawada so that their children will not have to travel far to reach school. But if they do so,  the employees themselves will have to travel 34 km from Guntur and 21 km from Vijayawada to reach the temporary secretariat at Velagapudi.


The 29 villages of the capital region have zilla parishad, primary, upper primary and high schools. Private English medium schools are located in Undavalli, Penumaka, Mandadam, Tullur, Rayapudi,  Ven-katapalem, Yerrabalem and other villages. All these schools teach the state syllabus.


Secretariat employee G. Mohan said that as the government had set the deadline of June 27 to shift to the temporary secretariat, they had come to inquire about the availability of rented houses, schools and colleges near Velagapudi.


He said their children were studying in CBSE schools at  Hyderabad and wanted to continue with similar schools as it would help in future in entrance tests and in security jobs. Lamenting that either they or their children would have to travel long distances, he appealed to the government to promote CBSE schools in the capital region which would  enable them to live near Velagapudi .


Amaravati Develop-ment Authority chairman J. Veeranjaneyulu has asked the government to request the Centre to start a Kendriya Vidyalaya in the capital. He recalled that ancient Amaravati was once an education hub. He underlined to create similar facilities in the new Amaravati. He said that CBSE schools are the need of hour in the new capital.

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