Kerala CM demands apology from Amit shah for ‘humiliating’ Kerala


By euologising Vamana and denigrating Mahabali in his Facebook post, BJP national president Amit Shah has humiliated Kerala and Malayali's national festival Onam,chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said on Tuesday. The belief behind Onam is of equality and egalitarianism and it is a festival celebrated by all cutting caste, creed, religion and other barriers. The legend has it that during Mahabalis's rule there was no evil, cheating and wrong doings and the people lived in harmony.


Malayalis see Mahabali as the symbol of equality and egalitarianism. By denigrating Mahabli and eulogising Vamana who had stomped Mahabali under the earth, the BJP president has buried the values of equality. The BJP president should immediately withdraw his statement and apologise to the people of Kerala . CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said the Amit Shah's Vamana Jayanthi greetings clearly indicated the BJP's move to re-establish Brahmanical order in this country.


"They want to push the country back to "chathur varna" system and impose Brahamanical hegemony. This is only the beginning of the RSS propaganda to change the narrative of Onam festival in the state. Pradesh Congress president V. M. Sudheeran has said in a statement here that BJP president Amit Shah has brought disgrace to Malayalis by distorting the significance of their traditional festival of Onam. He has tried to belittle its prominence and tried to create a rift among the people by imposing his  agenda. Malayalis would reject this weird proposal, said Mr Sudheeran.

CPI state secretary Kanam Rajendran said Shah has only exposed the true colours of Sangh Parivar which wants to establish the Brahmincal supremacy in the country. Though they try to pose as pro- backward and pro-dalit, the greetings on Vamana Jayanthi on the eve of Onam, has exposed their true face yet again. They believe in re-establishing the varna ashram system in the country.

BJP state president Kummanam Rajashekharan said Amit Shah's Vamana Jayanti greetings is not against the Malayali belief. There are several temples in the name of Vamana and there are many celebrations as well. The national leadership of all organisations and parties do not wish Onam. The state president has aleady greeted the people on the eve of Onam.


Onam sends out the message of love, brotherhood, prosperity, equality and peace. It is the responsibility of all Malayali's to ensure the festival's glory does not fade. We should take the pledge to counter the direct and indirect propaganda against Onam festival. P. Jayarajan CPM Kannur district secretary P Jayarajan said Shah's Vamana Jayanthi greetings in place of Onam wishes, clearly reflected the RSS agenda to "Hinduise" a secular festival which is associated with harvest and celebrated by people cutting across caste, creed language and religion. He said the people of the state will see through the devious designs of the Hindutva of forces.

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