KCR assures to consider demands of oustees farmers of Mallanna Sagar project


Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Saturday held a review meeting in Hyderabad on Mallanna Sagar Project and considered the demands of farmers, who will lose land under the project by agreeing to compensate the land oustees which is agreeable to them. Speaking on the same, KCR stated that the farmers can choose the compensation either by Land Acquisition Act- 2013 or GO: 123 adding that the government will honour any method the farmer decides to choose. The TRS government faced a severe backlash from the opposition parties that extended their support to the farmers. 


As per the GO:123 method, a farmer losing an acre of land with a bore in it will be paid Rs 7 lakh as compensation otherwise it is Rs 5.8 lakh without a bore in the land. Also, the displaced family will get a double bedroom house as part of TRS government's housing scheme. However, clarity has not been given on the land value under the Land Acquisition Act 2013, based on which the compensation would be given.

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