Jisha's killer arrested, knife used for heinous murder recovered


Jisha's killer arrested, knife used for heinous murder recovered... In a major breakthrough in the sensational Jisha murder case, an Assam native has confessed to killing the dalit law student at her house near Perumbavoor on April 28. The police formally arrested the 23-year-old Ameerul Islam on Thursday and said that identification parade and other formalities will follow. Police also recovered the knife he used to murder Jisha from Perumbavoor.


As per sources, DNA test has confirmed that the detainee, Ameerul Islam, is indeed Jisha's killer. The youth, with whom Jisha had struck up an acquaintance during the construction works of her house, was detained from Singadivakkam in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. The culprit was taken to Aluva police club Thursday evening.


Talking to media, the special investigation team head ADGP B. Sandhya said that the police are trying to ensure that the culprit gets manixmum punishment for the heinous crime. Jisha killer The culprit (masked) in Jisha murder is being taken to Aluva police club. 

Late on Thursday, the police recovered the knife Islam used to murder Jisha 50 days ago. The knife was found at Iringole Vaidyasala in Perumbavoor, near a building where the culprit used to stay. The building is located at a distance of 1 kilometre from Jisha's house.


After committing the murder, the accused reached the place where he stayed and threw off the knife to an under-construction building. The police also found the clothes he wore on the day he committed the crime. The cops also took a 21-year-old man, who is a relative of Ami ul-Islam, and two others into custody for questioning. A Manorama News report said that Islam was staying in Perumbavoor itself even after the murder and left for Assam a month ago.



Police sources said that prior enmity led the man to cause fatal injuries to Jisha. Ami Ul-Islam had entered into altercation with Jisha when he ventured into a spot where only women take bath. He was slapped by women there. Jisha had reportedly made fun of him and Ami Ul-Islam wanted to take revenge on her, TV reports said.


On the day of the murder, Islam, under the influence of alochol, attacked Jisha. During the scuffle, Jisha bit the attacker and he bit her back before stabbing her brutally. Ami Ul-Islam also tried to rape Jisha and when she resisted, he caused heinous injuries to her genitals. Severely injured, Jisha asked the man for water but he gave her alcohol, a Manorama News report said.  Nearly a month committing the murder, he fled to his native place in Assam and went to Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu and started working there. The police sources said that Ami ul-Islam was the lone man behind the brutal crime.


Speaking to media, ADGP B. Sandhya said that the arrest of the culprit has been recorded. "He won't be produced before media as an identification parade is due. Preparation of remand report, evidence gathering, medical examination and other formalities will follow," she added. The police officer also visited Jisha's mother in the evening and said that it is yet to be confirmed whether prior enmity led to the murder.


The man was arrested on the basis of a statement from the owner of the shoe mart, from which he purchased a pair of footwear. The footwear was found abandoned near Jisha's house and lab tests had confirmed that the blood found on it matched Jisha's. The investigation team made the major breakthrough by following a lead on the man who accompanied the law student when she went to a photo studio after March 15. The police never got a copy of the latest photo from the victim’s house. Four friends of the Assam native have also been taken into police custody and they helped the cops zero in on the culprit.
However, the police were puzzled by the fact that Jisha's mother Rajeswari did not know the man even though he was close to the girl.


Though circumstantial evidences put the suspect in the dock, the police do not want any more setbacks in the case that has grabbed national headlines. Two police teams which were sent to the NorthEast to track two suspects in the case have been called back.


Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan has confirmed that the police have nabbed the suspect. "The police are questioning him, we will soon get his version of the events that led to the murder," the CM said earlier in the day. "Kerala was waiting to catch hold of Jisha's killer. This is definitely a feather in the cap of Kerala police," CM said, lauding the efforts of the investigating team.


The newly elected Pinarayi Vijayan-led LDF government, which assumed office on May 25, changed the entire team probing the case with ADGP B Sandhya as its chief. Even DGP T.P. Senkumar was replaced by Loknath Behra who then promised speedy action in the Jisha case.


Jisha's elder sister Deepa has said she was happy that the culprit behind the heinous crime has been caught. She further said that she did not the person in police custody. The law student was allegedly subjected to brutal assault using sharp-edged weapons before being murdered on April 28. She was found dead in a pool of blood at her one-room home at 8.00pm on the same day, by her mother when she returned from work. The murder attracted national headlines and became a cause célèbre in Kerala's election season.

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