Indian Mujahideen operatives from UP feature in new ISIS video


Two Indian Mujahideen (IM) operatives from Azamgarh, UP, were identified amongst those featured in a documentary released by ISIS regarding lives of South Asian jihadists last week. The video, aimed at recruiting more foreign militants, had also touted Thane engineering student Aman Tandel as the deputy governor of Indian territories, and claims that it would avenge every anti-Muslim communal violence in India.


According to the reports, the UP police identified two of the men as Abu Rashid Ahmad and Mohammad ‘Bada’ Sajid on the basis of interviews with their families. The two men are wanted for a spate of terror attacks across the country. 


Sajid was thought to have been killed in an encounter in Syrian Kobane last year, and is suspected to have orchestrated terror blasts in Ahmedabad and Jaipur. Abu Rashid, a former eye-hospital employee in Mumbai, is suspected to have conducted terror strikes for IM between 2005 and 2008.


In the video, the two men are seen describing their journey from India to the Islamic State. The group initially made their first exile to Khorasan in Afghan-Pak border after they were persecuted by the ATS following the Batla house encounter. This was followed by a second exile to IS later.


Claiming that India was the ‘citadel’ of polytheism and that it would be abolished, Abu Rashid said in the documentary, “Do you not remember the serial blasts on the trains in Bombay? Have you forgotten the serial blasts in Gujarat? Have you forgotten the destruction in Delhi and in Jaipur? We will deliver unto you a reckoning far more terrible than these, and will wage war upon you until polytheism is destroyed in India, and Allah’s rule is established.”


“We see that cows, trees, the sun, the moon, all these are worshipped. Even though Allah has us from these practices, we see that the Muslims of India maintain social relations and business with these unbelievers,” Rashid added in the documentary.  


Echoing Rashid’s sentiments, Sajid said, “Allah told us war is an obligation upon believers until the world is rid of disbelief, apostasy and infidel regimes. For us to live a life of honour and dignity, we must adopt the path of war in the way of Allah.”

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