Forests Play a Major Role in supporting livelihood Activities in Bangaru Telangana


Forests play a major role in supporting livelihood activities of rural poor, contributing to the economy of the State, mitigating the threat of Global warming besides, conserving the fertile soil and vulnerable Wildlife. For the year 2015-16, forestry and logging contribution is0.4percent to state GVA and 3.3percent to agriculture & allied sector's GVA. Forest area in Telangana is 27,292 Sq. Kms accounting for 24.35percent of total geographical area. Out of 27,292, Reserved Forest area is 19696.23 Sq. Km, Protected forest forms 6953.47 Sq. Km and the rest 642.30 Sq. Km is unclassified


In terms of District wise forest cover, Adilabad has largest area under forest, followed by Khammam. However, in terms of percentage area under forest, Khammam stands first with 48.9 percent of the total geographical area under forests, followed by Adilabad with 44.9 percent and Warangal with 28.88 percentNational Forest Policy of India envisages a minimum of 33 percent of the total geographical area under forest/tree cover to maintain environmental stability and ecological balance; that are vital for sustenance of all life forms including human, animal and plants. The role of forests as carbon sinks endows them added recognition as an important environmental factor. However, except in two districts, the area under forest cover is less than desired 33 percent.


Telanganaku Haritha Haaram, a flagship programme of the Government, envisages to increase the present 24% tree cover to 33% of the total geographical area of the State. The thrust areas to achieve the above are two-fold; i) initiatives in notified forest area such as rejuvenating degraded forests, ensuring more effective protection of forests against smuggling, encroachment, fire, grazing etc., ii) major fillip is sought to be given to Social Forestry for achieving the second objective. In the areas outside the notified forest, massive planting activities will be taken up in areas such as; roadside avenues, river and canal bank, barren hill, tank bunds and foreshore areas, institutional premises, religious places, housing colonies, community lands, municip


 Department of Environment, Forests, Science and Technology, Government of Telangana 230 Crore seedlings are proposed to be planted in the State during the next three years. Out of which, 130 crore seedlings are proposed to be planted outside the notified forest area (10 crores within HMDA limits, and the remaining 120 crores in rest of the State). It is also proposed to plant, and rejuvenate the viable rootstock to achieve 100 crore plants inside the forest areas by way of intensive protection of the forests.


The field functionaries of various line Departments have undertaken identification of sites for planting and prepared village Action Plans. The Village Action Plans will be consolidated at the Mandal level and finally at the District level to form District Action Plan. At State level, two committees; the State Level Coordination and Monitoring Committee, and the State Level Steering Committee will oversee the progress of the TKHH programme.

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