Fog keeps PM Modi away from rally, he speaks using ‘mobile tech’ to attack Opposition


The PM’s speech was, however, disrupted by poor audio quality, and he was inaudible on several occasions.Following reports of the recovery of cash in new currency notes during Income-Tax raids across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday told a public rally that his government was continuously going after corrupt people, all of whom would soon face the law.

The PM addressed the BJP’s Parivartan Sabha in Bahraich district by phone after his helicopter could not land at the venue in foggy and cloudy weather. Modi once again appealed to the masses to start using mobile banking in the wake of the demonetisation of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes. Watch What Else Is making News. Emphasising on the use of technology like mobile phones, Modi told the rally that he was able to connect to them by phone where even a “powerful” helicopter had been thwarted by the weather. The PM’s speech was, however, disrupted by poor audio quality, and he was inaudible on several occasions.
Huge amounts of cash were being recovered and “big people” were being caught, Modi said. “Roj noton ke dher pakde ja rahe hain… bade-bade log pakde ja rahe hain… bade-bade babu pakde ja rahe hain… bade-bade bank wale pakde ja rahe hain.” Advanced technology had made it possible to track the transfer of money, and those trying to work around the law would certainly get trapped in one to four months, he said.


The PM again targeted the opposition parties — saying those who had been rejected by the people were stalling Parliament. “We are ready for a debate (on demonetisation), but the government is not being allowed to present its point of view by those who have been discarded by electorate,” he said. “We are asking for a discussion and they are creating hurdles in the proceedings of the House,” the PM said, adding that opposition members had entered the well and thrown papers at the Speaker. The nation, Modi said, was bearing pain and hardship while moving on the path of honesty — “I am hopeful that the country will move forward on the path of honesty.” Modi mocked Uttar Pradesh rivals SP and BSP for speaking in the same language on the Centre’s fight against black money and corruption. “I am not able to understand what hardships the SP and BSP have faced due to the fight against black money. The public understands it,” he said.

He also said that UP was facing “goonda raj”, and that if the state has to progress, it must be freed from the clutches of hooligans. “BJP will fulfill your dreams,” he said, speaking about the NDA government’s pro-poor and anti-corruption measures, and its commitment to making UP free of poverty and goondaism. Modi was scheduled to reach the rally ground at 1.55 pm. His arrived around 2.20 pm, but his chopper was forced to fly back to Lucknow after hovering above the venue for nearly 20 minutes. Addressing the crowd from the airport, Modi said, “I thank all those who joined the Bahraich rally in this weather and regret my inability to be with the people.”

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