Farmers jubiliant as rains lash in Karimnagar


Heavy to moderate rains in many places in the last three days has brought much needed respite to the farmers, in Karimnagar district giving much awaited scope for taking up sowing. Farmers who were worried over the delay in the advent of the monsoon till the last week of June are happy to see the rainfall in the past three days. Three days back farmers were worried lot and most of them who sowed cotton were forced to wet their fields drop-by-drop to save their investment.


Now they are happy. Meanwhile, the Agriculture Department officials have said that the present rains best suited to cultivate cotton and corn. The official records show that out of the 57 mandals in the district, 24 mandals have received normal rain fall between June 1 and 22, while 18 other mandals received less than normal rainfall. Only two mandals Saidapur (64 per cent), Kesapatnam (65 per cent) received more than normal. However, in the last three days almost all the 57 mandals received good rainfall sufficient to cheer the farmers.


It was expected to cultivate about 5, 15,200 hectares in the current Kharif season, according to Agriculture Department officials. And despite the efforts of the government to discourage cotton, many farmers have gone ahead with cotton. Farmers have already sowed cotton seeds in 50 thousand hectares and it may cross 2 lakh hectares mark in the coming days. Paddy occupies second position as far areas of cultivation of different crops are concerned with lakh 85,000 hectares, followed by sweet corn, aoybeans in 62,000 and 15, 000 hectares respectively.


The Agriculture Department has estimated that the district needs 81511 metric tons urea, 1, 801 metric tons DAP and 30,296 tons complex fertilizers for present Kharif season. About 60,000 tons of urea is available and there is no shortage of either seeds or fertilizers. So in the given situation if the banks come forward to provide crop loans in time the farmers will really cheer.

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