Exit polls: BJP to form Govt. in Assam, DMK in Tamilnadu


The BJP will push out the Congress and win a historic mandate in Assam and AIADMK veteran J Jayalalithaa will be ousted in Tamil Nadu, TV exit polls predicted on Monday.

West Bengal will stay with Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress party and the Left Front will return to power in Kerala, the polls said.

The India Today-Axis exit poll gave 79-93 seats to the Bharatiya Janata Party combine in Assam, 26-33 to the Congress and 6-10 to the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF).

The ABP Ananda predicted 81 seats to the BJP coalition, 33 to the Congress and 10 to the AIUDF.

With growing scepticism about Modi’s popular appeal and party chief Amit Shah’s image as a master electoral strategist, the BJP is desperate to win in Assam. If the Congress loses power in the state, the BJP’s call for a ‘Congress-free Bharat’ will become shriller and might gain further traction


Party/Alliance      India Today-Axis          ABP Ananda            Times Now-CVoter       Chanakya

Congress                    26-33                         33                                  41                           20-34

BJP+                          79-93                         81                                  57                           81-99

AIUDF                         06-10                        10                                  18                            06-12

Others                         01-04                        02                                  10                            00-02

Total seats                   126                         126                                 126                            126


The ruling Trinamool Congress led by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will retain power in West Bengal with a slightly reduced majority.

ABP Ananda predicted that the Trinamool was poised to get 178 of the 294 seats -- it had 184 in the outgoing assembly -- while the Left-Congress combine would get 110. The BJP would get one seat while others would bag five seats.

CVoter predicted 167 seats for the Trinamool, 75 for the Left, 45 for the Congress, four to the BJP and three to others.

West Bengal

Party/Alliance         ABP Ananda     Times Now-CVoter     India Today-Axis   Chanakya    News Nation

Trinamool Congress        178                       167                             233-253             210            153

Left+                              110                       120                               38-51               70             136

BJP                                01                         04                                01-05              14               00

Others                            05                         03                                02-05               00              03

Total seats                    294                         294                               294                294            294

Some 40 million voted in Tamil Nadu, which saw multiple contests in all constituencies for the first time. The ruling AIADMK is pitted against the DMK-Congress alliance, a front led by the DMDK of actor-turned-politician Vijaykanth, the PMK and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Polling in two of the 234 constituencies has been postponed.

Tamil Nadu

Party/Alliance              News Nation             India Today-Axis

AIADMK                           95-99                         89-101

DMK+                             114-118                      124-140

DMDK+                              14                                --

BJP+                                 04                             00-03

Others                               09                             04-08

Total seats                        234                              234



Party-Alliance               India Today-Axis

LDF                                   88-101

UDF                                   38-48

BJP+                                  00-03

Others                                 01-04

Total seats                            140


Party/Alliance          Times Now-CVoter

Congress+DMK                14

AINRC                             09

AIADMK                          05

BJP                                 --

Others                             02

Total seats                       30

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