Dalit nursing student ragged in Karnataka, hospitalised after being forced to drink toilet cleaner


The Kozhikode City Police, on Tuesday, have registered a case in connection with the ragging of a Dalit student by her seniors in a nursing college at Gulbarga in Karnataka. The girl identified as Ashwathy KP, a first-year nursing student of Al Qamar College of Nursing at Gulbarga near Bangalore, was allegedly forced to drink toilet cleaner by an eight-member gang of seniors- also Malayalees- at the women’s hostel of the college. The girl, hailing from Pulluvan Padiyil near Edappal is now undergoing treatment at the Kozhikode Medical College. According to Medical College police, the incident of ragging took place on May 9. The gang bullied Ashwathy, and threatened her to drink toilet cleaner.


Forced to drink toilet cleaner, Ashwathy immediately began complaining about severe stomach pain. She was rushed to a private hospital in Gulbarga. She was sent home with another student on May 15 as her condition worsened. She was admitted to private hospitals in Edappal and Trissur and later admitted to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital on June 2. 


According to the girl’s statement, she had been facing ragging since she joined college five months ago. She had joined for the nursing course after taking loan from Kerala Grameen Bank (KGB). Although the doctors treating her earlier suggested for a surgery to treat her esophagus which was damaged, they later decided to carry out a six-month long treatment before going in for the surgery.   

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