Critics of note ban upset as they didn't have time to 'prepare', says Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday hit out at critics who said his government wasn’t prepared for the implementation of demonetisation and hinted they were upset because they didn’t have enough time to stash their black money. “Those criticising the demonetisation move don't have problem with government's preparedness; they have problem that they didn't get time to prepare,” Modi said. He was speaking at a book release function in Parliament House Annexe on the occasion of Constitution Day.

Modi said "the common citizen of India has become a soldier against corruption and black money," and stressed on the need for India to move towards a cashless society. “Everyone has the right to use their money but today the world is changing, money is not just available physically, we must move towards cashless economy,” he added.

“November 26 was decided to be observed as Constitution Day to celebrate the Constitution and have greater awareness among the youth. It is important to be connected with the spirit of the Constitution, not only be aware of its various articles,” Modi said.

He added that though India celebrates January 26 (Republic Day), it would be incomplete without November 26.

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