Congress party expressed its opposition to KCR for Mallannasagar oustees


The Congress Legislature Party on Saturday expressed its opposition to Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao’s offer to give option to Mallannasagar oustees either to seek compensation for their lands under GO 123 or the Land Acquisition Act-2013. In a statement, Leader of Opposition in Telangana State Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir demanded that the State government scrap the GO MS 123 to end the confusion. "Nowhere in the country were the displaced people offered two sets of compensation packages. 


The Land Acquisition Act- 2013 was passed by Parliament when the Congress-led UPA regime was in power after intense debate to ensure that affected farmers get adequate compensation for their lands.  However, the TRS government tried to deprive the farmers of fair compensation by issuing a GO. Since KCR and his men were unable to suppress the protest by the outsees, they came up with a new plan to create a rift among agitating farmers," he said.


“The TRS government was forced to yield under the pressure of agitating farmers. Therefore, KCR came up with an illogical solution to end the row. The Mallannasagar issue pertained to the livelihood of thousands of farmers and not a quiz show where KCR can ask them to select one of the two options.  The Chief Minister should immediately order scrapping of GO 123," he demanded. Further, Shabbir Ali said the TRS government should reduce the reservoir capacity from the proposed 50 tmcft. He said several experts had clearly felt that it was not viable or advisable to construct a 50 tmcft capacity reservoir on a canal. 


Therefore, the reservoir's size should be reduced. He said the TRS government had been proposing to provide water for one crop by acquiring fertile lands on which two crops were cultivated. This clearly showed the inexperience and immaturity of TRS government and exposed the unscientific approach being adopted towards irrigation projects, he said.

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