Blending Karl Marx-Ambedkar ideology best political alternative


The CPI State committee meeting here on Sunday emphasissed the need to blend the ideologies of Karl Marx and Dr B R Ambedkar to provide alternative politics in the country. The speakers at the meeting also wanted the Indian Communists to accept the existence of caste system in India and fight against caste exploitation which is on the rise. They also expressed concern over the spread of caste discrimination to the institutions of higher education and advocated socio-economic and gender equality for a better society.


Noted writer and academician, Prof. Kancha Ilaiah, said that the Indian Communists for all these years have ignored the existence of caste system in India. Adopting Marxism, the Indian Communists failed to connect to the poor masses and finally the Communists are in crisis now, he said. “The poor illiterate downtrodden have failed to understand the class and capitalist language of the Communists.


The Left parties failed to understand the caste discrimination and caste exploitation. This had given rise to the communal forces who are dictating people on what to eat and whom to worship,” Prof. Ilaiah said. He said that Karl Marx had exposed the class exploitation and stood by the exploited work force. With Marxism, the world fought for economic equality, he said. 

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