BJP MLA on camera : Adanis, Ambanis already knew about currency ban:


There has been talk about Adanis and Ambanis having known about the currency demonetisation in WhatsApp groups. Now it appears that it’s not just talk among the common men but even among the ruling party’s own.



Video footage has emerged on the internet in which a BJP MLA from Rajasthan has been taped in an “off-the-record” conversation saying Adanis and Ambanis, who are seen as being close to the ruling dispensation at the Centre, knew about the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes before it was implemented on ninth of this month.


Bhawani Singh Rajawat, BJP MLA from Rajasthan’s Kota in the conversation says, “Adani, Ambani and others knew about it (demonetisation) beforehand. They were given a hint and they had made arrangements accordingly. You (government) should have printed the new currency as per requirement.” He went on to add that the currency ban was an unplanned one and stated that this step could have been implemented in a step-by-step process.


Bhawani Singh has been involved in many controversies in the past. In one instance, he demanded that Bihari students in Kota coaching centres undergo criminal background checks. In another, he had advised bikers to avoid wearing helmets as it leads to baldness.

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