15-year-old girl from Kerala challenged Modi on drug mafias.


In a bid to pave way for a healthy India, a 15-year-old girl from Kerala’s Thrissur district has challenged the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a viral video to put an end to the overwhelming number drug mafias operating in the country.The 6-minute long video that has over twenty two thousand views in Youtube, features Anie Ribu Joshie, a class X student, who speaks eloquently on the subject of drug abuse.


Claiming that the menace of drugs was too terrifying than terrorism, Annie said in the video, “You once said that if every citizen of the nation is healthy, the nation will be healthy. And do you still think that our country will be healthy with all this drug mafias around?”Convinced that the issue can be contained easily if he took a step towards it, Anie adds that the impact of drugs, alcohol and smoke is too hard to ignore.


Calling for a ‘moon-shot’ decision to end drug menace, Anie, who lost her father due to liver cirrhosis, is on a fight to end the rampant use of drugs with the support of like minded friends, and fights under the banner of a local front “Anti-Drug Education Initiative - Fortune-S”.

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