There are no values in TDP says senior leader.


Sources have stated that the Senior Telugu Desam Party leader and former minister J R Pushparaj, who was a serious contender for the party nomination for Rajya Sabha, is now crying foul over denial of the opportunity.Meanwhile Pushparaj, who hails from SC community, alleged that Naidu had cheated him in the last minute by denying him the Rajya Sabha nomination and he was assured of the seat and he was confined to a room and not allowed to come out.


Finally it is said that Naidu has selected T G Venkatesh, only because he is rich and influential and he has also said that the former minister has added that there were no values in the TDP now and everything was changed.Pushparaj has also told that it is not the same TDP which was founded by N T Rama Rao and there is no place for weaker sections and only rich and mighty are getting preference. It is full of corruption and the rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. 

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