Karnataka deputy SP Anupama Shenoy has garnered tremendous support from Netizens


The resignation by DySP Anupama Shenoy on Saturday, citing personal reasons, has garnered tremendous support from netizens. To show their solidarity, the supporters have even started a Facebook page titled ‘Justice for Anupama Shenoy’.A day after the Kudligi deputy SP posted in Facebook “When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty,” scores of netizens came out demanding justice for her and shared her message.


“We stand with DySP Anupama Shenoy. We salute honest police officer. Protest against the corrupt system and the inefficient state government. Sham on them! Let us unite. Fight for the justice,” a message stated.This is not for the first time the netizens have shown their support to the ‘Mardaani cop’. In January, 2016, the ‘Kiran Bedi’ of Karnataka had managed to gather huge support from her supporters after she faced frequent transfers.Facebook users came out in support of her with hashtags #?SaveKarnatakaFromCm ?and #?JusticeforAnupamaShenoy”.


A Facebook uses Ramdas Naik stated, “This is why police constables wanted to go on strike. Pressure from ruling parties whoever it is. But had a hope from this govt. But this one is worse than any other govt. Pressure building to save a wine shop that too in front of Shri Ambedkar ji's Bhavan. Get lost C.M.”


“When the entire or majority of the system is against honesty, then practically it is close to impossible to bring changes and we have endless examples for the same in our state. You have earned our respect madam and by letting the public know about the facts that are otherwise hidden we only appreciate you further. Being a part of the system or out of it; we want you to fight for the common man,” a post by Lokesh Kumar stated.



Another comment read, “It seems people adjusted to poor, bad secular politics full of bribery from top to bottom. Hence they curb honest sincere, hardworking officials. ”While thousands have come in support of Ms. Shenoy, many others have also urged her to take back the resignation. “Madam Anupama Shenoy I think when people like you give up, many of us feel the system cannot be changed and feel dejected. Please reconsider your resignation, otherwise the evil forces will feel they cannot be defeated and go to any extent to destroy this country and the society around us. I pray God to give you the strength to face these anti-social elements head-on. We are with you in your rebellion against the corrupt and incompetent system governing us,” Giridhara Upadhyaya said.

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