JU administration ignoring our concerns: SC/ST Employees Association


The Jammu University SC/ST Employees Association has alleged that the JU administration is trying to snub their voice being raised against injustice meted out to SC/ST employees in the matter of reserve ation in promotion.


The concern was expressed during a meeting held here today wherein the Association members complained that the JU administration is trying to snub their voice being raised against injustice meted to SC/ST employees in the matter of reservation in promotion.


The SC/ST employees stated that their Association vide a representation dated 20.4.2016, had requested the JU Assistant Registrar Establishment) that the rosters points which were required to be filled up with SC/ST employees as per the reservation in promotion rule for various clerical posts but were not filled up due to banning of reservation in promotion by order of the High Court Order, be filled up in the light of ‘Interim Order’ dated 18.03. 2016 issued by the Supreme Court of India.


The order says, “The operation of the impugned order passed by the High Court shall remain stayed. This order, however, shall not prevent the High Court from considering eligible candidates for promotion to the next higher post provided any vacancies for such consideration are available”.


The employees said that the law declared by the Supreme Court of India is equally applicable to all courts of J&K including the High Court.  In a press note issued here, the SC/ST employees said, the Assistant Registrar (Establishment) instead of doing the needful in the matter accordingly, has questioned the constitution and recognition of the Association (which stands registered with the Registrar of Societies under Registration Act Vi of 1998).


The SC/ST employees also added that an excessive delay has been caused by the Assistant Registrar (Establishment) to convene the meeting of the Committee constituted to relook into the long disputed appointment case of  their President in view of the High Court’s Interim Order dated 3.12.2009.


The Association urged the Vice-Chancellor to pay attention to the matter. Prominent among others who attended the meeting included R.L. Kaith, S.S. Heer, Paras Ram Sarmal, Dharam Pal, B.R.Angural, Des Raj Nandan, Shah Alam, Bagh Ali, Aftabh Ahmed, Shokat Ali, Kewal Krishan, Rajesh Kumar, Sukhdev Bhagat, Kunj Lal, Raj Singh, Sudesh Kumar, Suman Kumar, Manohar Lal, Naresh Kumar, Kartar Chand, Sukhdev Raj, Anil Kumar, Deep Kumar and  Vijay Kumar.

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